Call: Interreg-Europe 2nd call: Priority Axis 3 – Low Carbon Economy


“Green Shooting” is the topic chosen. We are continuing to work on the same sector. The project, however, is centred on environmental sustainability and business generation topics. It is led by Film London ( and has seven other European partners. The project’s objectives are to improve environmental policies for the audio-visual sector and to share best practices on the environmental standards needed by the sector, mainly so that production companies (cinema, television, documentaries, etc.) adopt sustainable “green” measures/practices in production and distribution processes.

The project ensued from another Interreg IVC project ( dealing with shooting/screen tourism. Each of the new project’s partners should align it within their region with the operational programme’s structural funds (ERDF) and specifically provide information, as set out in the operational plan which has been approved.


  1. Film London, project leader (UK)
  2. City of Rzeszów, Poland (PL)
  3. Île-de-France Film Commission (FR)
  4. Puglia Film Commission (IT)
  5. Regional Government of Bucharest (RO)
  6. Municipality of Ystad (SW)
  7. City of Malaga (ES)
  8. Regional Government of Flanders (BE)

Total budget: €2.2 million

Duration: 5 years

Expected outcomes:

  • A collection of case studies as a point of reference
  • Training for the industry to prepare measures introduced through changes in policies and capacity building in organisations connected with training that exerts an influence on the industry, including political organisations
  • Identify best practices through exchange / workshops / research and attractive innovative parts in the supply chain
  • Counselling by experts from regions which have had experience with environmental practices and the introduction of policies at a regional level
  • Establish links with film schools to ensure green policies are included in their curricula
  • Awareness raising through promotional events involving politicians holding responsibility, the industry, researchers and other interested organisations and individuals
  • Identify savings through productions that work in a sustainable way
  • Technical exchanges
  • Development of a carbon (CO2) footprint calculator
  • Development of a training programme for film schools
  • Development of a certification system (Green Certificate) for enterprises/production companies

Promálaga budget:

Phase 1: €150,550 (36 months)

Phase 2: €48,400 (24 months)

Total budget: €198,952 (60 months)

Total Promálaga co-funding: €29,842.80