Employment costs:

Employment costs in Spain are lower than in the main countries of the euro zone. In 2014 the minimum costs were 753 €, thus substantially lower than in Luxembourg (1921 €), Belgium (1502 €), Holland (1486 €) and France (1445 €), amongst other countries.



Grupo de cotización Categorías profesionales Bases mínimas euros/mes Bases máximas euros/mes
1 Ingenieros y licenciados. Personal de alta dirección no incluido en el artículo 1.3 C) del Estatuto de los Trabajadores 1.051,50 3.597,00
2 Ingenieros Técnicos, Peritos, Ayudantes y Titulados 872,10 3.597,00
3 Jefes Administrativos y de Taller 758,70 3.597,00
4 Ayudantes no titulados 753,00 3.597,00
5 Oficiales Administrativos 753,00 3.597,00
6 Subalternos 753,00 3.597,00
7 Auxiliares Administrativos 753,00 3.597,00



Excellent communications:

The city of Malaga has excellent air, rail and port infrastructures, as well as a major network of motorways and roads that have made it such a privileged location. Its airport is the fourth most important in Spain and one of the 20 most important in Europe. From the Malaga airport one can fly to more than one hundred cities. In addition, since 2007 the city boasts first class high speed rail infrastructures providing access to different cities in Spain, including Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid, in just a few hours.

The Port of Malaga is a commercial port, with facilities for cruise ships, fishing boats and water sports. The traffic of merchandise and passengers in the port is significant, and it is currently the second most important port of call for cruise ships in the Spanish peninsula.


Conference and Trade Fair Centre

The Malaga Conference and Trade Fair Centre was created as a strategic business venue with the objective of becoming a national and international benchmark for trade fair and conference activities and market leader of the countries of the Mediterranean basin. Located five minutes from the Malaga’s international airport and a few kilometres from the historic centre, the Conference and Trade Fair Centre is an outstanding venue for holding all types of events.

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The province of Malaga has a total of 36 consulates.