Would you like to know how your business stands in relation to marketing? Would you like to find out what actions and tools are available for improving it? Would you like to be one of 10 people selected to have a marketing expert support your business project for a year? can help you answer all your questions as well as offering the possibility of being chosen to benefit from a free consultancy service from the company Acción MK.

From a study carried out among the participants of the platform we can state that in Malaga we have a mature group of businesses and entrepreneurs, with an average age of about 37 years old, and with 34 being the age that is most repeated. The youngest business person is 23, whereas the most veteran is 60. To read the full report: Click here


Promálaga has selected 10 projects from all participants that will enjoy the benefits of marketing consultancy from Acción MK.

The following were selected: Click here

We encourage you to visit, reflect and respond to the questionnaire, then generate a report showing the areas that can be developed with suggestions for achieving improvements.