1. Aim

The provision of an integrated advice and consultancy service to newly created businesses in Málaga during their first year of activity and at no cost to the business.
This service consists of a year of advice and consultancy in matters of tax, labour law and accountancy, at no cost to the beneficiary.

2. Beneficiaries

Sociedades Cooperativas de Trabajo classified as “Impulso Empresarial”, Sociedades Laborales, Sociedades Limitadas, Sociedades Anónimas, Sociedades Limitadas Nueva Empresa, Emprendedor de Responsabilidad limitada, Empresario Individual (sole trader) and Sociedad Civil (social enterprise) with a registered office in the municipality of Málaga.

3. Requirements

1. The registered offices must be in the city of Málaga.
2. The main activity must be carried out in the city of Málaga.
3. The business must be newly created.
• In the case of a corporation, the company must have been included in the corresponding registries in the last twelve months prior to the presentation of the application for the service, as long as it has never been registered for IAE (Impuesto sobre Actividades Económicas).
• In the case of a physical person, not be registered for IAE (Impuesto sobre Actividades Económicas) at the date of presenting the application for the service.
4. At least one job must be created with an indefinite contract for a previously unemployed person

4. Detail of Consultancy:

During the first year of trading this measure offers the company the services of a consultancy for the management of the following business areas:


1. Processing of registration for tax and I.A.E. (Impuesto sobre Actividades Económicos)
2. Study and advice on inclusion in the different tax regimes.
3. Settlement and submission of annual I.R.P.F. (personal tax) statements and/or corporate tax for income earned in the business and professional activities which are the object of the free consultancy service, Corporation Tax.
4. Settlement of instalment payments, withholdings and VAT and submission of quarterly statements.


1. Preparation of accounts in accordance with the Code of Commerce and accounting standards.
2. Purchases and sales ledger (business); income and expenditure ledger (professional)
3. Capital assets ledger
4. Reserve funds and advance payments ledger (professional)
5. Annual company accounts.
6. Process legalization of books in the Commercial Registry and in the Registry of Cooperatives.


1. Affiliation, recruits, terminations, changes to data in the Social Security system, company registrations.
2. Drafting and preparation of all types of labour contracts, filing and registration in the Andalusian Employment Service.
3. Preparation of payroll and/or payslips, settlements, contribution summaries
4. Drafting letters for sanctions, dismissals, disciplinary records, company certificates
5. Dealing with Labour Inspections.
The service of management of Social Security offered to the beneficiary covers a maximum of 6 workers, accumulated throughout the term of the year of free consultancy, and in any social security plan, as well as variations in the contract.


The designated consultancy shall guide and support the beneficiary in the processing and management of incentives, whose applications must be made directly by the beneficiary. Those incentives which are the object of the consultancy must first be approved by PROMALAGA.

4. Forms

Application for Free Advice and Consultancy Service 2016
2016 Programme Rules
Annex 1 Declaration of applicant’s registered offices in Málaga
Annex 2 Declaration of Consent to Communication
Annex 3 Services included in free advice and consultancy
Business Plan Template for Self-Employed
Business Plan Template for Companies

5. Where to apply

To apply for this programme, please request an appointment by calling 952243411.

Reception Office:
Promálaga I+D, C/ La Gitanilla, P.Ind. Santa Cruz, nº 17, 29004 Málaga