Open for business:

“Open for Business Malaga” was launched in 2010 following the signature of a framework agreement between the Malaga City Council, the University of Malaga (UMA), the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) science park, the Chamber of Commerce, the Malaga Confederation of Entrepreneurs (CEM) and Malaga Valley Club.

This office was created with the objective of improving the city’s international presence in all spheres of activity in general, with special focus on business activity connected to new technologies, in order to attract foreign investments, assist local companies in the process of internationalisation and contribute to the city’s economic development.

Likewise, the office offers assistance to international companies wanting to establish offices in Malaga.

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Investment opportunities:

The city of Malaga currently occupies a strategic position in Spain as an optimum location in which to create and set up companies, whilst also attracting and retaining talent.

Economic sectors:

In recent years Malaga and its province have had one of the most rapid growth rates of Spain, above the average for Andalusia and the whole of Spain.

The most dynamic economic sectors are tourism, construction and technology services, with sub-sectors such as transport rapidly gaining importance in the last few years.

Foreign companies:

In 2013, productive foreign investment in Andalusia totalled 321,290,050 euros, with an estimate of 96,387,015 euros being invested in Malaga.

In 2013 3,086 business companies were established in Malaga, of which 3 to 5% belonged to foreign resident and created approximately 129 jobs.

In recent years, the province has become increasingly attractive for high tech multinationals, as evidenced by the arrival of Oracle and Agilent from the United States, Huawei from China and Ericsson from Sweden.



Qualified staff:

There are several factors that explain why senior executive choose Malaga to set up their companies’ headquarters: an excellent University, International Schools, skilled workforce at a lower cost than in many European countries, cost of living below that of many other cities and high quality of life.

The University of Malaga in figures:

University Offer (No. of undergraduate degrees, master’s and PhD programmes) 136 Academic Year 2013/2014
University Demand (undergraduate students, students in degree programmes to be eliminated and postgraduate students) 39,295 Academic Year 2013/2014
Students enrolled (in undergraduate degree studies) 27,070 Academic Year 2013/2014
Degrees (areas of study offered to undergraduate students) 68 Academic Year 2013/2014

Source: University of Malaga

Financial help and grants

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Malaga Valley:

Malaga Valley is a technological cluster located in the metropolitan area of the city of Malaga, in the south of Spain in the area of greatest technological excellence of Europe, “European Silicon Valley”.

This area has become a centre for the transmission of ideas and innovation, capable of attracting companies from all over the world, investment in R&D&I and talent. It is specialized in high speed railway and Smart City industries, with special focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Institutions that support investments:

The Malaga Provincial Investment Office (Oficina Provincial de Inversiones) is backed by the Malaga Provincial Government (Diputación) and managed by the SOPDE (public company for planning and development).

Other partners of the Office include the University of Malaga, the Malaga Entrepreneur Confederation, the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía science park, the Malaga Chamber of Commerce, together with the collaboration of an important network of institutions devoted to the promotion of the social and economic development of the province.


Malaga Provincial Government:

By establishing the Provincial Investment Office, the Malaga Provincial Government showed its firm commitment to fostering business and entrepreneurial culture, enhancing technical and human resources and fomenting new formulas for financing business activities (Business Angels, venture capital, Mutual Guarantee Societies, microcredits, etc.).

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Public Company for Planning and Development -SOPDE (Sociedad de Planificación y Desarrollo):

This public company was created by the Malaga Provincial Government to support the growth of the local economy by drafting and executing projects at the service of private companies and public institutions.

SOPDE has different instruments to provide support to entrepreneurs or business persons, geared at making the process of business creation and development easier.

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University of Malaga:

One of the reasons for the University of Malaga’s competitive advantage is that has good relations with the business world and research groups, as a result of which it has signed numerous agreements with national and foreign companies.

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Malaga Chamber of Commerce:

Public corporation legally constituted as an advisory and collaborating body to assist public administrations, with the objective of representing, promoting and defending the general interests of trade, industry and navigation and providing services to companies devoted to said activities.

The Chamber of Commerce collaborates with the companies established in the province of Malaga, offering assistance to help them grow, export, innovate, incubators, creating entities, etc.

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Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía:

In the last twenty years the PTA has become a science and technology park of reference for the establishment of large companies, SMEs and new entrepreneurs.

This top quality environment contributes to the creation and growth of environmentally friendly, innovating companies devoted to the development of R&D products and services.

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Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Malaga:

This is a professional, confederated and sectorial organisation of business persons at the provincial level.

Integrated in the CEOE (Spanish confederation of business organisations), its objectives are to coordinate, represent, manage, promote and defend the general and common interests of all the enterprises in Malaga. It comprises 97 territorial and sectorial associations and more than 60,000 businesses and self-employed workers.

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